Corvette C7 LT-1 Engine Hightlights


  • The Gen 5 engine, output of 450 horses (335 kW), it will be the most powerful standard engine ever in the Corvette
  • Direct injection is all-new to the Small Block architecture and is a primary contributor to the Gen 5’s greater combustion efficiency, – supports greater power – and improved combustion efficiency.
  • The cam’s specifications include 14mm/13.3mm (0.551/0.524-inch) intake/exhaust lift, 200/207-crank angle degrees intake/exhaust duration at 0.050-inch tappet lift and a 116.5-degree cam angle lobe separation.
  • Four-into-one exhaust manifolds: The LT1 uses a similar yet cast version of the “four-into-one” short-header exhaust manifold design used on the Gen 4 LS7 engine.

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